Overview of robotics in bariatric surgery

The automated surgical procedure called robotic gastric bypass surgery is rapidly becoming a popular solution for people looking to improve their quality of life with their weight loss surgery. During this surgical procedure, the patient wears a gastric sleeve through the surgery to allow extra food to pass through the stomach when reducing the amount of food that goes through. While the process is relatively new, it’s starting to show promise in assisting obese patients to eliminate weight without suffering lengthy hospital stays.

Since the new surgery is still in its infancy stage, it is tough to compare lap band operation with automatic gastric bypass operation. But it’s important to note that both surgeries utilize the exact same fundamental principle of placing band-like sleeves to hold food in place and enabling the digestive tract to digest food better. Although robotic gastric bypass surgery does a much better job of eliminating fats from the stomach, lap band surgery continues to show its benefits by giving obese patients the opportunity to continue to eat without feeling hungry.

The 2 types of procedures have very different results for obese patients. Lap band surgery is usually reserved for older adults that have problems with their stomachs because of illness or genetics. As a result, these patients are normally not considered candidates for gastric bypass surgery. This implies that for individuals who fit the criteria for lap band surgery, they’ll be one of the blessed few who can get gastric bypass prior to the procedure gets completely popular and available for everybody.

Concerning comparing lap ring and robotic bariatric surgery, the processes used for each are similar. However, the significant difference is that robotic gastric bypass operation is only performed using a lap band currently.

If you would like to try out lap band operation but would rather avoid having to go through the long hospital stay that could accompany gastric bypass surgery, you may choose to speak with your physician about a lap group alternative. There are still numerous other options for those who must shed weight and will not require having a significant operation.

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